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Chiropody (foot care) is a branch of medicine that focuses on the assessment and treatment of foot-related ailments. Treatment is achieved through medical, surgical, orthotic and palliative interventions.


Chiropodists (foot specialists) are primary care professionals who specialize in the assessment, management and prevention of dysfunctions, disorders and diseases of the foot. They are exclusively trained and regulated by the province of Ontario to provide foot healthcare and orthotics.

Foot Care Services and Custom Orthotics Clinic

Foot care services and custom orthotics in Toronto’s Christie Pits and Dufferin Grove neighbourhoods. 
Our experienced team offers premium foot care and customized orthotics for your feet. 
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Improve Your Foot Health

Our chiropodist is ready to help you get back on your feet. During your appointment, you will receive a personalized management and treatment plan for your unique foot issue. You will be educated about your foot problem and will be given multiple treatment options to choose from.

Experienced Chiropodist

Clinical experience includes treating patients in Women's College Hospital, Toronto Rehab, Rexdale Community Health Centre, retirement residences, long-term care facilities and private practice.

Located Near You

Bloor Foot Care & Orthotics (Christie) is located on Bloor St. between Ossington Station and Christie Station, across from Christie Pits Park.
Bloor Foot Care & Orthotics (Dufferin) is located on Bloor St. one block east of Dufferin station.
Both locations are easily accessible by TTC or car.

Accessible to All

A ramp and elevator is available for ease of access for patients that require it at our Christie location while our Dufferin location is street level and easily accessible.

Diabetic Foot Care Services & Custom Orthotic Clinic Toronto


Helping you put your best foot forward with our extensive list of treatment options.

Diabetic Foot & Wound Care

Throughly trained and educated on diabetic foot management and wound care treatment of high risk patients.